Initial appointments last approximately 1 hour during which a comprehensive examination of the feet is undertaken incorporating important tests that indicate the state of the circulatory, sensory and nervous systems; all of which play an essential role in the overall well being of good foot health. Detailed notes are kept at each appointment as a point of reference to monitor progress and arrange treatment plans.

Nails are trimmed and filed and any problems such as ingrown toenails, corns, callous, fungal skin and nail infections etc. are treated as necessary. When required, custom fit orthotics are modelled for future use. Treatments are carried out using modern surgery equipment making your comfort a certainty. Patients for whom medical conditions permit have their treatment completed with a relaxing foot massage using Gehwol professional creams.

We have considerable experience of assisting mentally and physically disabled children and adults and are sensitive to meeting their requirements during treatments

The Clinic operates maintaining aseptic conditions to avoid infection and all instruments are sterilised and bagged conforming to the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.

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Liz Gamble MCFHP MAFHP BA (Hons)
David Gilfoyle MCFHP MAFHP B.Compt. CMA (Dip)

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Diagnosis and Maintenance
Diagnosis and Maintenance
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First Appointment £32        Subsequent Appointments £32

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